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Writing Tips: Character, Plot, and Theme
There are three fundamentals to a well-written story:  Character, Plot, and Theme.  And they belong in that priority order.
Character is all about how people feel.  It is about personalities and reactions, about thoughts and feelings, and it is absolutely the most important thing in a story.  You can have a boring plot with good characters, and you can have no deeper theme with good characters, but if you have bad characters, nothing will save your story.
Describing Feelings
Even though I just said that thoughts and feelings are the most important thing in your story, that doesn't mean you should come right out and say how your character is feeling.  This is absolutely wrong:
"That's a great idea," said Sally happily.
"What is?" said Jack.  He felt confused.
"Going to talk to your parents," said Sally happily.
There is an old mantra in the theater business:  Show, don'
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Every Species Finds a Way
Lana woke.  There was sticky white all around her.  She stretched at it, and it started to tear.  She could see through.  It was dim beyond, but she was trapped in something, and she had to get out.  Get out!  She was only following instinct, the critical sense to not be trapped, to not be buried inside whatever she was buried in.  She couldn’t remember what had come before this.  All she knew was that she needed to get out, get out!
She stretched, and pulled at the fibers, and they gave way with a little effort.  It seemed like they had once been stronger.  She pulled and tore, and suddenly another pair of hands outside were pulling away at them as well, freeing her from her prison of — whatever she was in.
“Come on, little one.  Come out,” said a voice outside.
Little one?  She didn’t have time to try to assess that.  She was a swordswoman — at least, she seemed to remember that.
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The Last Marilith
Yanna uncurled.  How long had she been down here?  Days?  No, months.  It could be years, buried deep in this dungeon of darkness and gray and green stone.  It didn’t feel like a long time, but then she’d grown accustomed to this place, so maybe it had been a while.
What had woken her?  There was some noise, over there by the staircase.  Footsteps echoing closer.  That way eventually led up and out.  She distantly remembered it, what the surface had been.
She straightened up and ran one of her hands through her hair, straightening it out after her nap.  It had once been short.  It was cut short when she was up where she could see the sun.  Now it was long, draping down almost to her hips, a mane of wavy yellow locks that were the only bright object in this place.
The footsteps were getting closer.  She uncoiled more of her long, red-patterned tail.  It wouldn’t do to be coiled up if someone actually
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Sun Apr 2, 2017, 11:11 AM
I am so jealous of artists who can actually paint.  I look at my drawings, and they're nice enough, I guess, but damn, they pale so much in comparison to like anything that sakimichan or IluvRice or draws.

I say this now upon just finishing my drawing of Hazel Hazel by phantom-inker and soon after I posted her, I saw her appear in someone's Favorites right next to Sakimichan's Mini Faerie Mermaids Mini Faerie Mermaids by sakimichan.  I was feeling at least fairly good about how Hazel turned out, and then I saw two side-by-side, and I couldn't help but compare how bad anything I draw is compared to people who can actually paint.  I've known that for a while, but man, the contrast...  *sigh*

Oh, well.  At least Hazel's not a stick figure.  Oh, wait, those are better too.  Well...  at least she's...  an octopus.  *deep sigh*

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Drawing and LiveStreaming tonight

Fri Mar 24, 2017, 4:33 PM
Like girls?  Like girls who are also centaurs?  I do too, and I'll be drawing that tonight live on Picarto.  Feel free to drop by and watch!

Where the Wild Daily Deviations Are

Thu Mar 23, 2017, 6:55 PM
It's interesting that for all the drawings I post here, my Daily Deviations are exclusively on my writing.  This suggests that perhaps the community has concluded my literary skills are greater than my artistic skills, and they're likely right:  I write far more often than I draw, and as a result, I learned a long time ago how to assemble an essay that, if not actually interesting, was at least not wretchedly awful.

This, then, begs the rhetorical question:  Ought I to be writing more here?  Should I be posting more stories?  Should I be sharing more writing tips?  There's plenty of writing advice I can offer, and at one point it was apparently desirable.  But my prior Daily Deviations generated no shortage of controversial comments:  It seems that when a proscriptive grammarian tells people not to do something, people stream out of the woodwork to vehemently disagree.  (Nevermind when their disagreements are misspelled, confused, and sometimes barely even English; it's the vitriol in the response that matters!)  And the truth is that while I'd be happy to help, there seems to be a subset of the population wholly uninterested in such.

So I had thought — awhile back — that I might post an extended diatribe on the topic of storytelling:  How to write a story such that it's engaging, such that its characters are interesting, and such that it leaves the reader desiring more.  My post might go into certain do's and don'ts of the subject, and it would try to explain why some stories leap off the page, while others lay still, gasping and dying.  If anyone wanted to read such a thing, I might take the effort to write it.  If not — well, no time lost.  I didn't write it at the time I first considered it because — well, it simply wasn't a priority.  But I could still write it, if enough people cared to see it.

So what are your thoughts?  Would you read more essays on writing if I posted them?  And would you prefer more stories over artwork?  Or is the current balance satisfying as it is?

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Hi there! I'm your friendly neighborhood Phantom Inker!

I'm a 39-year-old happily-married software engineer from southeastern Pennsylvania. I draw anime-styled vector art, mostly of centaurs and other weird mythological creatures. I also wrote the online novel Caity's World, and have a new novel, Rescuing Layna, in progress!

I don't bite, and I like hearing from people who like my work, so if you like anything you see me draw, feel free to say hello via a note, an e-mail, or even IM.

You can also find me on FurAffinity, Picarto, Weasyl, Tumblr, on AIM as seanofw, on YIM as inker2576, and on my own!

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