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August 16, 2012
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Okay, so it's time for some arguin'.

A lot of people have asked me over the years things like:
  • What do you think are the correct proportions on a centaur?
  • How do you think a centaur's muscles and skeleton are arragend?
  • How would a centaur eat and breathe?
  • Where are the lungs? The heart? The kidneys?
  • How does the reproductive equipment work?

So let's start with a disclaimer: These are my opinions! There is no real physical centaur to compare against, so the best I can do is make an educated guess. If you prefer a design other than this, that's fine, but this is what I'm going to keep drawing. If you disagree, fine, but do so politely, and above all, please don't ask I draw things your way. I know how I think it'd work, and that ain't gonna change.

Now, getting into the meat of the first anatomy picture here, these two pictures show how I think the proportions work best. The blue lines are equal, and the red lines are equal; and the ratio between them is more-or-less phi, which results in proportions that look fairly natural, since so much in nature is based on that same ratio. When I draw, I'm generally eyeballing the picture to try to get the L-part to have equal lengths and to get the lower half roughly square.

A real live horse is a bit longer than square, but shortening the barrel to square seems to work better on a centaur. (See this photo for comparison; the ratio of Reggie's length to his height looks to be approximately phi, not 1:1 like Lucy here.)

So that's that. Feel free to argue the point, but please be civil.

If anybody's enjoying the start of this series, I'll keep doing a new centaur anatomy lesson every few days. So if I were to do more, which would you most like to see next? Muscles? Skeleton? Nervous system and brain? Digestive system? Respiratory system? Circulatory system?

And yes, I know reproductive system would be a popular topic, but even if I can get it past the dA censors, I'm still going to make you wait for it :P
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yooyoo180 Featured By Owner Apr 22, 2014
Wrong anatomy !
Centaur71 Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014
looks about right to me; that's how I'm proportioned...
Patchi1995 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
How big do your centaurs? Can be miniature, who are half-halfling and half-mini-horse? And can be dwarven, who are half-dwarf and half-pony? Can be lesser-giant, who are quarter-giant and quarter-light-draft-horse? And a giant, whose half-giant and half draft-horse? Can they be smaller as halflings, or human-sized, or making humans the size at the female centaur's human shoulder?
Patchi1995 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014
..or even it's lower body is from the size of a horse to bigger?
Patchi1995 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2014
Can I favorited some of your how to make a centaurs to Your How-To-Make-a-Centaur? It's from my favorites.
phantom-inker Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't understand what you're asking.
Jdailey1991 Featured By Owner Jan 15, 2014
If a centaur mare has the rear end of a horse, shouldn't that be where the mammary glands are?
yooyoo180 Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013
The human torso is of the same size of a regular human, but their hips are very large and curvy, their breasts are larger than the human ones due to high estrogen activities (on a short note the human torso is smaller in comparison of the horse body), their butts are rounder and slightly bigger than a regular horse and their legs are solid and a combination of atletic and curvy, the horse ovaries provides potent hormones "conjugated equine estrogen" the most powerful form of female estradiol. Their digestive system is extremely efficient they can absorb practically 95 percent of every bit of vitamins, minerals and other macronutrients vs. that of a regular horse or human digestive system, hence they can eat regular veggie meals and drink large amount of water (the water absorbed is properly maintained due high sodium level), therefore reducing thirst and hunger. These creatures possess two pairs of lungs (human and horse) that provides them incredible high Vo2 max when running for long periods of time. Centaurs possess two hearts that provide optimal vascular power. These creatures only have their mare reproductive organs, they human ones are incomplete and posses the pair of ovaries, which provides more hormones. Their physical strength is higher than of a regular human, but no higher of a strong-human I.e. strongmans, but the legs of these creatures are way more powerful than those of said strongman and slightly thicker and said curvy than those of a regular horse. Their feminine and athletic bodies are pear shaped and well put together.
phantom-inker Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Grammar Natzee: Wall O' Text by dinyctis
FueledbypartII Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I did something similar in a joking tone
I'd like your opinion ^ ^


and this

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