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I woke up this morning with the urge to photomorph something, and, well, I found this nice piece of stock art by PeabodyStock.

I don't do manipulations like this one often; usually I go for something more exotic like a centaur or naga. But ever since Total Recall, I've kinda liked girls with three, well, er, um, y'know, and I've wanted to try to do a clothed morph in a shirt like this for awhile, so here's the result.

I'm not entirely convinced about the quality of the result; I spent ages trying to get the texture and color of the middle breast correct, and I'm still not sure I did it right. I'm tempted even to put it into my scraps, but, well, I'm done with it, and it looks finished enough, so I'm gonna call it a completed deviation. But I think I'll leave that up to the judges.

In total, this was about an hour and a half of playing around in Corel Photo-Paint.

Constructive criticism (of the techniques, people, not the subject!) would be appreciated.

Marked mature because this'll definitely warp young minds (like I was by a certain movie ;) ).

Update: Finally decided to move this to my scraps. It's not my best work, and not really representative of my skills anymore.
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